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Special Needs Pets for Adoption

Paws for Life rescues the animals who need us most. Sometimes those animals come to us more broken than others. Please consider adopting or fostering a special-needs pet. You will truly save a life!


Special Needs: FeLV+ but with no symptoms or issues

Hello beautiful people! My name is Marigold and I am quite pleased to make your acquaintance. My foster mom tells me that even though I'm only 6 months old, I am an old soul, a soft, gentle soul. I am laid back, sweet and oh-so loving. I play with toys on occasion, but really I'm all about being petted and relaxing. I am a professional lounger. I have a gorgeous and unique coat color - I'm half calico, half tabby. You could call me a Tabbico! My foster mom also tells me that I have something called feline leukemia, but I honestly don't know what that means. I feel healthy and active.


Feline leukemia (FeLV+) means that I have a compromised immune system and the virus is contagious to other cats. But it's not contagiour to people or to dogs and other animals. Feline leukemia means I need a home that will provide high-quality care. That's all. I won't have the longest lifespan out there, but I really want to make the most of every moment I have. I want someone to love and to love me back. I currently have no ongoing medical treatment or medication. I hope to find my forever home right away so I can experience all the things normal cats can do in their homes, like unconditional love and safety, and be able to cuddle with my parents. I love other cats, but because I'm FeLV+ I can only live with other FeLV+ cats, or by myself, or in a home with dogs or other animals. Feline Leukemia is cat specific. Don't let my diagnosis scare you though, I can still have a happy and healthy life in a home with you. Bring me home so we can make every moment we have together count, and I can spend my time loving you as much as you'll love me. Apply today and you'll be so glad you did! Adoption fee: $75. Fee includes testing, deworming, vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip and 30 days of free pet insurance.


Special Needs: Would like a low-key lifestyle for his arthritis due to healed fractures, needs to be the only pet in the home


Hello world! Roji here. I am really excited that my foster mom tells me we can officially start looking for my forever home. In case you haven't seen my story, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 5-year-old male kitty who was found with a really bad limp. I went right to the vet where unfortunately they found that I had not one, but TWO, broken legs. Can you believe that luck? Those fractures had already healed, so there isn't a lot we can do, but I take some joint supplements and medications that make my life a whole lot easier. It's just some powder you can put in my food. Since I'm so food motivated, it is really easy. Sometimes my joints do hurt a little bit and I can get grumbly, but 99% of the time I'm a total ham that just wants to lay in your lap and be petted and loved on. I enjoy chin scritches and butt scratches, and will really take any affection and attention you want to give me. In fact, I love affection and attention so much that I don't want to share my people with any other animals. I'm a low-key, laid-back guy and I'm not about all that bouncing-off-the-walls fuss. You can usually find me loafing on a bed watching out the window. And, I really love watching TV with you too. I'm great at using my litterbox as well. Overall, if you're looking for a mellow cuddle buddy who just wants to chill with you, I'm your guy! Apply today! Adoption fee: $75. Fee includes testing, deworming, vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip and 30 days of free pet insurance.

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