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2024 Paws for Life Draws for Life

Fifth Annual Fundraiser

It's once again time to have some fun at our fur-babies' expense. Think about all the times they walked across your keyboard or barked during a conference call, woke you up by pouncing directly on your bladder or by yelping right in your ear.

If you're new to our game, here's how it works:

  1. Find your favorite photo of your pet (any species)

  2. Donate at least $10 to this Facebook fundraiser, then upload your pet's photo to it. If you don't do Facebook, we understand, but you can still play. 

    1. Donate $10 per pet using any method on our Donate page​

    2. Send the receipt and photo(s) to us at

  3. Wait impatiently while our amateur artists recreate your very own, exact, possibly, maybe close, potentially good, but more than likely, very bad resemblance to your pet's portrait.

  4. Laugh and share when we publish the masterpiece back to the fundraiser for all to enjoy

The donation minimum is $10 per pet. If your photo has two pets in it, please donate $20. If you have two photos to submit, each of one pet, donate $20.

Donate $10 and it's a roll of the dice. Will you get one of our volunteers who is a pretty decent drawer? Or will you get one of our volunteers who couldn't draw a circle to save their life?

beck wang cat 2 AC.jpg

Our "artists" are creative and are able to use the medium of their choice - crayon, pencil, pen, marker, sharpie, paint - sky is the limit.

It's all about having fun while raising money for homeless dogs and cats.
No matter what, we promise to put a smile on your face, plus your donation will go directly to the homeless pets in our care.


While $10 is the minimum to receive a perfectly priceless relic of your pet, like all of us, Paws for Life's operations and finances have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 for the past four years, especially as corporate donors like Petco. Facebook and Amazon have ended their charitable giving programs. Donations have taken a serious down-swing, but animals still remain in need. Any support is greatly appreciated!

If you'd like to volunteer to draw and help raise money for homeless pets (no skills, no talent required), email It's a blast!

Taylor Kelly Riley dog.jpg
Dayna Holly_cat2.jpg
Eric D. Scanland cat.jpg
Erikka West_Remmie dog.jpg
Steven Goryca_Kuroo dog.jpg
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