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Adopt Your Fur-ever Friend

Adopting a pet saves two lives – the one you’re bringing into your family and the one coming in to the rescue who will fill the empty space you left behind. Animals know when they’ve been abandoned, and they know when they’ve been saved. As an adopter, you will experience an eternally grateful, forever loyal pet who will love you unconditionally for life. What greater gift is there than the gift of a second chance at a happy life?​

To adopt a pet from Paws for Life, you must be at least 18 years old and be able and willing to provide a lifelong, loving home to your new pet. Dogs and cats are indoor animals and should not live outside. Cats should not be declawed and dogs should not be debarked. All we ask is that your new pet be treated at all times like a treasured member of the family.

Paws for Life believes that every animal needs adjustment time to get to know their new environment, routine and people. We require a mandatory, minimum, two-week adjustment period before the adoption can be finalized and ownership transferred.

Not yet ready to adopt?
Learn all about becoming a volunteer foster care home!

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